Sepsis Survivor: Misdiagnoses and Post-Sepsis Syndrome – Part 1


What follows is the story of a sepsis survivor, as told to Healthcentric Advisors. We have changed her name for anonymity.

Part 1: How it Started

Ellen started her day like any other. She was active and fit, and went to meet her sister-in-law for a spinning class. But something wasn’t right. She didn’t feel well and suspected a UTI. But when she went to the doctor, her test was negative. So she continued on with her week and went camping and hiking for the day. “I talked myself out of it,” she said, thinking maybe she was just dehydrated.

She soon started to feel worse, with pain in her back. After returning from camping, Ellen knew she needed medical attention. In a visit to the emergency room, the nurse said she had a kidney infection. Her pain continued even though the doctors said she was fine.

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