Quality Improvement

We help healthcare professionals improve the quality of the care they provide

As an independent non-profit Quality Improvement consulting organization, Healthcentric Advisors works with the provider community to achieve improvement in a wide variety of topics across the healthcare continuum.

In addition, we have served as a Medicare contractor since 1995, currently supporting CMS’ Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) and the Hospital Quality Improvement Contract (HQIC).

Other Select Quality Improvement Initiatives

Learn about our QIN-QIO engagement

For over 25 years, Healthcentric Advisors has served as a CMS Quality Improvement Organization (QIO). Initially, supporting Rhode Island and since expanding to cover all six New England states. Healthcentric Advisors, collaborates with Qlarant and IPRO, as part of the IPRO QIN-QIO, collectively covering 11 states (CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, RI, and VT) and the District of Columbia. Healthcentric Advisors oversees the work in New England. 

The current QIO contract is focused on supporting Nursing Homes and Partnerships for Community Health Care in enhancing quality of care on CMS’ priority aims.

Healthcentric Advisor manages the IPRO Hospital Quality Initiative Contract working with providers in Massachusetts and Maine. In this work, we support quality improvement within the four walls of the hospital.

Quality Solutions for All Healthcare Settings

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Promoting Advance Care Planning

We implemented a multifaceted education and tools project to promote effective discussions between healthcare providers, patients, and families around future care planning. Drawing from the My Care, My Choice, My Voice campaign, it provides conversation starters, planning worksheets, and billing details to facilitate advanced care planning across the continuum.

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Long-Term Care Infection Prevention

With Rhode Island Department of Health funding, we launched specialized infection control education for 175 nursing home and assisted living staff to help struggling facilities meet requirements and prevent outbreaks through proper procedures. Our quality experts also partner with healthcare leadership on data-driven initiatives addressing safety, readmissions, and stabilizing vulnerable organizations.

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Addressing Nursing Home Staffing

Through CNA Online, we streamlined CNA training in Rhode Island to rapidly credential over 100 new hires using a “work as you learn model” with generous grant funding. This helps alleviate pandemic-related nursing home staff losses and promotes workforce stability, ensuring high-quality care for our elderly population during challenging times.

Our Experts

Lynne Chase
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Karen D’Antonio
Nelia silva odom
Nelia Silva Odom

Lynne Chase

Lynne Chase has over 30 years of experience in quality improvement, change management, and organizational development.
She has directed Healthcentric Advisors’ Care Coordination and Community Building efforts since 2009. In her role, she oversees contracts, mentors quality leaders, and leads a multi-disciplinary team of analysts, clinicians, and other quality improvement experts.

Karen D’Antonio, BS, RN, CDOE

Ms. D’Antonio has more than 20 years of nursing healthcare management experience that crosses multiple healthcare settings, including primary care and long-term care. She has experience in direct-care nursing, nurse care management, quality improvement, and project management. She is currently a Senior Quality Improvement Manager, supporting the Partnership for Community Health for Healthcentric Advisors’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) QIN-QIO contract, and she leads the Prevention and Chronic Disease Management efforts in New England.

Nelia Silva Odom

Nelia Silva Odom has over 25 years of results-oriented professional experience. Focused strengths include clinical nursing, healthcare consulting, quality improvement, project management, design, development, and evaluation, as well as training and education.