Healthcentric Advisors Recognized as Recovery Friendly Workplace


Healthcentric Advisors is proud to announce its participation in the Rhode Island Governor’s Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative (RFW). This initiative, aimed at addressing substance use and mental health conditions in workforces and communities, recognizes employers who foster a safe, healthy, and stigma-free work environment.

As a Recovery Friendly Workplace, Healthcentric Advisors is committed to supporting associates who may be personally impacted by or know someone struggling with substance use disorder. By joining this state effort, the company aims to de-stigmatize the recovery process and facilitate a workplace where associates are respected as multifaceted individuals.

“We recognize that many of us may be or know someone impacted by, struggling with, or in recovery from substance use disorder,” said CEO John Keimig. “Healthcentric Advisors is dedicated to maintaining a healthy, safe, stigma-free work environment, encouraging all staff to access needed services and support for healthy and fulfilling lives.”

The organization’s commitment to the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative aligns with its mission to improve the quality of health care and promote better health outcomes for all. By fostering a recovery-friendly environment, engaging employees in education and prevention, and supporting healthy and productive associates, Healthcentric Advisors believes it can make a positive impact on the communities it serves.

As part of this initiative, the company looks forward to collaborating with its partners throughout Rhode Island and New England to promote prevention, recovery, and well-being. To learn more about the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative, interested parties can visit

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