Data Analytics

We provide data that leads to action

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built a robust team that can provide you with analytics support to make the most out of your data.

In our role as the Medicare QIO, we work with HHS, HRSA, and other agency datasets and data systems, including the Uniform Data System (UDS),, Medicare Compare, Public Use Files (PUFs), public health surveillance data (e.g. BRFSS), claims and administrative data, and more. 

We use these data to create and share actionable reports with providers, communities, and state- and regional-level stakeholders, so they can identify areas for change and measure progress towards goals.

How We Help Clients

Practical Data Solutions that Improve Healthcare

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Streamlining Care Transitions

As part of QIN-QIO efforts, Healthcentric Advisors empowers healthcare providers to improve care transitions using data-driven strategies. Our quarterly reports offer insights into hospital readmissions, diagnosis trends, patient visits, and utilization patterns, fostering informed decision-making.

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Analytics for Health Transformation

Healthcentric Advisors supports Rhode Island Foundation's mission to enhance Rhode Island's health outcomes, aggregating data from 40 diverse health indicators. Our analytics track progress over time, fostering health equity, preventive care, and treatment quality.

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Data-Driven Health Solutions

Partnering with Thrive Behavioral Health, Healthcentric Advisors evaluates SAMHSA's outcome measures and fidelity assessments. Our tailored analytics ensure adherence to evidence-based practices, enhancing Thrive's Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic programs.

Our Experts

Blake Morphis
Jacky Haskell

Blake Morphis

Blake Morphis has over 20 years of experience of utilizing healthcare information systems technology to provide direct support of quality and performance improvement in healthcare. Mr. Morphis has a specialized focus in supporting efforts to improve care transitions, reduce hospital readmissions, improve medication safety and provide direct analytic support for both healthcare providers and the Medicare QIN-QIO.

Jacky Haskell

Ms. Haskell is an analyst with over 13 years of experience in data analysis, biostatistics, and economic analysis. She provides analytic support to Healthcentric Advisors by serving as the lead analyst to support work in quality improvement in nursing homes and hospital healthcare-associated infection reporting. Ms. Haskell also supports formal evaluation, helping organizations develop and implement evaluation plans, track measure performance and support contractual reporting needs. In previous work, she has supported analyses for multiple federal agencies to estimate the health outcomes of changes in environmental risks. Ms. Haskell has experience with several complex datasets on medical expenditures and population characteristics.