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Our digital solutions are at the
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We offer customized digital solutions for evolving healthcare needs, adapting to specific clinical requirements, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and patient focus. Our PRiSM digital solutions suite includes:
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: integrate traditional tools with digital tech for real-time health tracking at home
  • Texting campaigns: prioritize evidence-based care, incorporating validated tools like the PHQ-9
  • Customized portals: streamline patient and client management.
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Manage Your Patients in One Place

View an interactive, centralized patient panel across multiple devices, payers, and chronic conditions.

Make Your Data Meaningful for Quality and Payment

Track and trend the data over time for individual and population health reporting.

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Minimize Alert Fatigue and Staff Burnout

Automate patient outreach early in the day, and get alerts only for those that need follow-up.

Predict Patient Vulnerabilities to Avoid Utilization

Use real-time biometric and patient-reported data to prevent poor outcomes before they happen.

No more waiting for data.

No more waiting for the next 3-month follow-up to assess a patient’s self-management of your plan of care.

Get real-time, biometric, and self-reported data from patients in our secure portal to assess, follow-up, and impact patient outcomes sooner.

RPM patients take their blood pressure daily

7 times per week (On Average)

Patient care isn’t one-size-fits-all. Your RPM solution shouldn’t be either.

Simplified Tech Access

Our API-enabled applet works with a patient's smartphone, tablet, or flip phone. It also does not require Wi-Fi.

Real-time for Real-life

Provide customized treatment goals, targets, and education for patients to “know their numbers” and stay engaged.

Dynamic Care Planning

Update the care plan within the applet, so patients can stay on targets between their visits.

Contextualized Data

Gain more insight beyond biometric data with the addition of patient-reported symptoms (e.g., swelling, dizziness, fatigue).

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Our Experts

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Karen D’Antonio
Vicki Crowningshield

Karen D’Antonio, BS, RN, CDOE

Ms. D’Antonio has more than 20 years of nursing healthcare management experience that crosses multiple healthcare settings, including primary care and long-term care. She has experience in direct-care nursing, nurse care management, quality improvement, and project management. She is currently a Senior Quality Improvement Manager, supporting the Partnership for Community Health for Healthcentric Advisors’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) QIN-QIO contract, and she leads the Prevention and Chronic Disease Management efforts in New England.

Vicki Crowningshield

Vicki Crowningshield currently serves as the Senior Manager of Digital Health Solutions at Healthcentric Advisors, part of the IPRO Quality Innovation Network – Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO), where she spearheads the strategic development and optimization of the PRiSM remote monitoring platform. Her role involves leading a multidisciplinary team of programmers, healthcare quality improvement experts, and healthcare specialists to drive digital health innovations. Vicki has co-created impactful text-based campaigns to reduce hospital re-admissions and improve patient outcomes, while adeptly developing and monitoring program metrics for continuous enhancement. A skilled trainer, she facilitates training sessions for clinical staff and patients to promote the adoption of the Remote Patient Monitoring program, and rigorously upholds healthcare regulations and standards for patient data privacy and security.