Who We Are

We've been serving the health care community for over 30 years

Healthcentric Advisors is a nationally-recognized, nonprofit healthcare quality improvement consultancy delivering education, technical assistance, research, analytical and project management services.

Founded in 1994 to establish a quality improvement resource for Rhode Island healthcare providers, we quickly developed expertise in a range of subjects. This expertise has led to contracts and engagements that provide services beyond Rhode Island. Since 1994, we have expanded our portfolio of services and continued to serve clients and stakeholders nationwide.

We drive healthcare Quality Integrity Vision with every initiative.

Driving Quality Care

We develop innovative tools and evidence-based solutions that enhance the quality, safety and value of people-centered care

Upholding Our Integrity

We act ethically in all our work guided by our commitment to excellence and compassion.

Advancing Our Vision

We build collaborative relationships across the healthcare ecosystem to drive positive change.