$6,000 Opportunity: AHRQ ECHO Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network


A learning collaborative focused on supporting nursing homes during COVID-19.


This evidence-based method of learning uses the Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) Model.

This online learning platform connects groups of community providers with specialists and experienced peers in regular, real-time, collaborative sessions that include case-based discussions and peer mentoring.

This initiative provides no-cost training, mentorship, and support from regional and national experts to nursing home personnel.  Financial compensation will be provided to eligible nursing homes.

Your Sponsors

Healthcentric Advisors, Brown University, in collaboration with the ECHO Institute at University of New Mexico and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), are sponsoring the Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network for New England.


Contact the Healthcentric Advisors Nursing Home Team: [email protected].

About the ECHO

Nursing homes across New England are invited to participate in weekly 90-minute live, virtual, learning sessions focused on implementing and adopting infection prevention and control practices. Unlike typical webinars, ECHO sessions provide time for you to discuss real cases, to ask experts for advice, and to learn from colleagues about how to make improvements in the real world.

ECHO sessions are open to any nursing home teams, but in order to receive the incentive payment of $6,000 per home, a minimum of 2 staff must participate in at least 13 of 16 sessions. Nursing homes will also receive support with implementation and adoption of quality improvement practices.

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