Vermont Primary Care Quality Measure Crosswalk – A New Collaborative Tool.


2024 Primary Care Quality Measure Crosswalk

Providence, RI (March 27, 2024) — Healthcentric Advisors is thrilled to announce our collaboration with The Blueprint for Health, OneCare Vermont, Bi-State Primary Care Association, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont on the new 2024 Primary Care Quality Measure Crosswalk for Vermont practices.

The 2024 Crosswalk represents our commitment to building collaborative relationships and providing tools that enhance patient-centered care. This interactive resource consolidates various quality reporting and payment initiatives that Vermont primary care practices may participate in. With the ability to search by measure domain or program, it offers a comprehensive look at the metrics used, areas of overlap, sponsoring organizations, and more.

Key features include:

  • Searchable quality measure database
  • Program overviews and sponsor contacts
  • Detailed measure specifications
  • Identification of shared measures across initiatives

We encourage all Vermont primary care teams to explore this new crosswalk tool. Access the 2024 Primary Care Quality Measure Crosswalk here.

Contact us if you need assistance interpreting your performance data or prioritizing improvement strategies. Together, we can achieve excellence.

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