Thank you: Thousands Impacted by PFAC Contributions


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We’re nearing the end of a five-year contract as the New England QIN-QIO, which means we’re doing a lot of reflection about all of the hard work we’ve been doing to make our communities healthier.

One of the projects we’re most proud of is our robust Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), which was central to incorporating patient voice and perspective into the work we do.

We wanted to say thanks on behalf of the Healthcentric Advisors team, for our members commitment to the New England QIN-QIO Patient and Family Advisory Council. Together, we were able to put patients at the center of health care quality improvement through the many tools and processes we created.

Across New England, our network impacted almost 2 million Medicare recipients with a quarter of them living in rural and underserved areas. Their guidance helped promote health care efficiency and effectiveness, reduce health care inequalities, and engage patients and their caregivers as partners.

In collaborating with Healthcentric Advisors, the New England QIN-QIO, they joined a group of over 20 volunteer advisors, influencing the health care of over 1,400 facilities, 70,000 clinicians, and 1,000 community partners.

We are proud of what we accomplished in five short years and thankful for their participation.

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council contributed to:

  • 250,000 individuals impacted via 300 clinicians trained across New England with the Diabetes Train-the-Trainer toolkit
  • 50,000 people received education to reduce unnecessary antipsychotic medications in nursing homes across New England
  • 375 clinicians trained via 11 trainings with 9 follow-up trainings in Sepsis
  • 53 PFAC projects completed, including presentations, educational and health information documents, and collaboration documents

And although we’re closing one chapter we know another one is coming very soon. We are so thankful for their partnership and can’t wait to keep working together in the near future.

Learn more about about how to become a PFAC member? And contact us.

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