A Year Into a Pandemic: Patient & Family Advisors Series, 1


It’s been a year since we’ve been living with COVID-19, and to say life has changed feels like an understatement. We have been collecting reflections on living through a pandemic and turned to our Patient and Family Advisors for what they’ve learned and what they’re looking forward to as we start to consider a life post-pandemic.

Pegs pictureDr. Peggy Crawford, advises our patient and family advisory work on many projects, including as a steering committee member for the IPRO QIN-QIO advisory committee. Read about why she does this work and why it matters to her

What is something you learned about yourself during COVID-19?

I learned that I’m good at maintaining routines that include healthy eating, regular exercise, getting good sleep, reading every day and keeping in touch with people. Healthy routines provide structure in my life and have helped me cope effectively during other difficult experiences.

Are you getting vaccinated?

Yes, I’m getting vaccinated because I would only be able to maintain an existence but not live my life without being vaccinated. In addition, I want to behave in a responsible way that shows respect for the best interests of other people as well as myself. This feels like an opportunity to demonstrate compassion for myself and others.

How did you feel about it?

Just scheduling my first dose of vaccine was exciting, like a first step to living a more full life and regaining my freedom. Now that I’m fully vaccinated I have a chance to reconnect with people, to invite friends over for dinner, to engage in volunteer activities in my new community, to walk around a museum with other art lovers.

What is something you’re looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to sharing hugs with friends and family and sitting around a table laughing and enjoying a delicious meal together.

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