New CDC Report: Antibiotic Prescribing and Use in the U.S.


Reducing inappropriate antibiotic use is important to protect patients from harm, effectively treat infections, and combat antibiotic resistance, one of the most urgent threats to public health.

We work to ensure that healthcare providers in New England know the importance of appropriate antibiotic use, helping almost 300 outpatient sites implement the core elements of antibiotic stewardship, developing resources, online courses in our Learning Center, and supporting initiatives like the HAI Prevention and Antimicrobial Stewardship Coalition.

Recently, CDC released Antibiotic Use in the United States: Progress and Opportunities, 2018 Update, an update to CDC’s 2017 antibiotic stewardship report. On page 17, the report highlights the efforts of QIN-QIOs and Healthcentric Advisors’ webinars. In particular, we are proud to highlight our partnership with an innovative health system in Maine that dramatically improved antibiotic prescribing. They shared their experience to inspire others throughout the region to implement their strategies.

Cdc antibioticstewardship

Progress has been made in improving antibiotic prescribing and use, but many opportunities remain. Spread the word about this updated report by:

  • Reading the report. This updated report highlights data from 2018 studies, program activities, and resources related to antibiotic prescribing and use in healthcare settings.
  • Sharing the report broadly with your network and partners. This report also includes examples of antibiotic stewardship improvements in outpatient, inpatient, and long-term care settings from healthcare facilities and organizations across the country.
  • Joining the conversation about antibiotic stewardship on social media. Like and share CDC’s antibiotic stewardship content on LinkedIn and Twitter (@CDC_NCEZID).

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