Need help training & retaining staff in your nursing home? Our New Project ECHO® can help.


Recruiting and retaining staff in long-term care is an ongoing issue – which is why Healthcentric Advisors launched a tele-mentoring series to help facilities tackle staffing needs.

The series, called Project ECHO®: How to Operate with Meaningful Engagement for Staff Stability (HOMESS), allowed facilities to gain insights from experts, review success stories and challenges that facilities are facing, participate in discussions, and learn from each other.

For More Information, read our HOMESS summary.

About the HOMESS Program

This practical, free video conference series was aimed at skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and long term care facilities across New England. Upon completion, participants discovered ways to:

• Recognize the five management practices associated with retention, attendance, and performance
• Summarize key actions within each of the five practices
• Consider which practices to put into action within the four-week session


• High performance, high commitment HR policies
• High quality leadership at all levels of the organization
• Valuing staff day-to-day in policy and practice, word and deed
• Work systems aligned with and serving organizational goals
• Sufficiency of staff and resources to care humanely

About Project ECHO

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