MA- RI Partnership: Update of Tools for Effective Conversations to Improve Cross-State Care


Healthcentric Advisors and Honoring Choices Massachusetts, in collaboration with the New England Healthy Living Collective, invite you to join a special virtual event for MA and RI Hospitals, nursing homes, provider practices, home health agencies, and stakeholders.

When? Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 10-10:30 AM

Adults and families regularly cross state borders to access different health care providers and to stay healthy, manage chronic illness, and live well with serious illnesses. Massachusetts and Rhode Island leaders are working together to engage all adults in effective planning conversations from simple to serious illnesses and provide timely, high-quality care no matter where an individual lives and receives care.

Attendees will receive links to:

  1. MA Honoring Choices Getting Started Tool Kit
  2. RI Planning Tool Kit
  3. Guides for serious illness conversations for care providers and consumers
  4. Consumer decision-making guide for hospital-nursing facility transfers
  5. National POLST materials

We look forward to supporting your care planning efforts with the latest state-specific planning documents and nationally recognized conversation tools, and an update on POLST- MOLST Programs.


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