Four Tips to Help You Prepare for QPP 2021


It’s never too early to start preparing for the Quality Payment Program (QPP). We’re sharing four tips to help you better prepare for the QPP program year 2021.

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Determine your Eligibility for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

  • Only clinicians who are MIPS eligible as an individual are required to participate.
  • Additionally, clinicians who are eligible to opt into MIPS as an individual or group can report MIPS data and will be also be eligible for payment adjustments.

Are you eligible? Check your eligibility status:

As a MIPS-eligible clinician, determine your reporting requirements.

  • If you’re a MIPS-eligible clinician, do you understand your reporting requirements? Are you exempt from Promoting Interoperability? Is a Hardship Exception available?
  • Certain factors can affect your reporting requirements for each performance category, including Special Statuses, QPP Exceptions, Facility-based Determinations. These factors can reduce or eliminate reporting requirements for a specific category.

Where do I begin? How should I prepare for reporting?

  • First, decide if you will report as an individual, group or virtual group.
  • Then, decide how you will submit your data.
    • Submission options for 2021 include: claims, attestation, registry, and qualified clinical data registry

Have you decided how will you report to CMS? EMR vs Paper Claims:

Report with your EMR:

Report via Claims:

If you have questions, reach out to us for your no-cost support. We can guide you through your MIPS 2021 reporting journey.

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