COVID-19 Patient Monitoring Tool By Healthcentric Advisors

Healthcentric Advisors has developed an online remote-monitoring solution for COVID-19 that monitors, manages, and communicates with patients under investigation or confirmed positive for the virus.

Remote-Monitoring Solution for COVID-19 Patients

The system provides daily, text outreach to patients from their care teams to track symptoms of COVID-19 and be alerted – in real-time – if symptoms worsen. This tool allows patients to safely recover at home, reducing exposure.

It protects care teams by allowing them to remotely manage patients so they can prioritize the critical needs of the sickest patients.

Coastal Medical, one of the largest practices in Southern New England has been using the service and Sarah Thompson, Vice President, of Clinical Operations and Pharmacy for the organization reports excellent results:


“Coastal Medical has leveraged the CMAssist platform to track patients affected by the coronavirus and monitor symptoms via text messaging in real-time. This technology allows us to prioritize the most critical patient needs first.

CMAssist provides a highly effective mechanism for population health management that is imperative during a health crisis by rapidly identifying the most vulnerable patients.”


See it in Action

Watch this brief demo to see how the COVID-19 Monitoring Solution works. 

Contact Lauren Capizzo to learn more.

Available widely April 6

The digital solution is being made available for 5-weeks in anticipation of reports stating April will see a surge in COVID-19 patients. Continued use of the tool will be offered to all practices at a subsidized rate after 5-weeks. 

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