Navigating Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long-Term Care Webinar Series


Educational Webinars for long-term care facilities on Infection Control

Here you will find on-demand webinars that cover infection control in long-term care facilities including content specific to multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs). The webinars were part of the Navigating Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long-Term Care Series, which began in 2018. They were hosted by the Healthcentric Advisors in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), and feature presentations by infectious disease and antimicrobial stewardship experts from Tufts Medical Center.

Date Title
Session 1: January 16, 2018 Infection Control – Surveillance and Monitoring
Session 2: February 13, 2018 Introduction to Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long Term Care: What is Antimicrobial Stewardship and Why is it Important?
Session 3: March 28, 2018 Antimicrobial Stewardship: Strategies for Implementation
Session 4: April 25, 2018 Infection Control: Prevention
Session 5: May 22, 2018 Approach to the Patient with Suspected UTI
Session 6: June 12, 2018
Infection Control: Management (Case Scenarios)
Session 7: July 10, 2018 Antibiotic Selection, De-Escalation, and Duration
Session 8: September 11, 2018 How to Get an A on Your report Card: Prevention and Management of C. difficile and Other Healthcare Associated Infections
Session 9: October 10, 2018 Measure Your Success: Monitoring and tracking Data

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