Healthcentric Advisors Joins Massachusetts Healthcare Safety & Quality Consortium

We are honored to be a part of a recently formed Massachusetts Healthcare Safety and Quality Consortium, convened by the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety.
Recently, Healthcentric Advisors CEO John Keimig joined this first-of-its-kind consortium with more than 35 organizations to coalesce around key aspects of patient safety ripe for transformation in Massachusetts. This sustained, multi-stakeholder effort will improve safety and quality in all settings where health care is delivered throughout the state.
Representing the voice of patients, health plans, state agencies, licensing boards, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, clinicians and numerous other stakeholders in the health care system. The Consortium is deliberating on a series of goals aimed at aligning priorities, incentives, and efforts to dramatically reduce the number of preventable medical errors in the state.
Both in New England and nationally, the most visible efforts to improve patient safety have been focused on hospitals.
However a two part study released this summer provides evidence of the need to boost efforts to improve health care delivery. Intentionally, the Consortium has a broad membership that includes representatives from long-term care, community health centers, and more. This expansion in scope is especially critical since more and more patients receive their care in outpatient settings.
The Consortium’s first task is to build a strategic framework or “roadmap” that sets goals and objectives for four cross-cutting and interdependent “pillars” of safety:
  • Culture, leadership and governance
  • Support for patients, clinicians and staff
  • Learning health systems
  • Transparency and measurement
According to the the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety: “Massachusetts is the first state in the country to map out a collective plan for accelerating progress in reducing medical errors, which cost the state’s health care system more than $600 million in a single year and disrupts the health and lives of thousands of Massachusetts families yearly.” 

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