December Updates: Self-Measured Blood Pressure Pilot


A Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Special Innovation Project to reduce uncontrolled hypertension among Rhode Island residents and streamline care planning for clinicians. Learn more.

November Blood Pressure Pilot Data

Initial analysis of the data demonstrates that:

  • 54% of the patients participating in the pilot with uncontrolled BP (>140/90) have reduced their average BP to below 140/90 by the last week in November.
  • To date, alerts have resulted in:
    • 17 medication changes
    • 41 calls to patients
    • 12 messages sent to patients via EHR portal
    • 3 office appointments scheduled

Don’t miss out, we’re recruiting patients

Recruiting Spanish-Speaking Patients

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to start onboarding Spanish-speaking patients as soon as we receive the referrals! We have received our translated Spanish materials and trained our Spanish-speaking team member on the SMPB pilot.

Remaining BP Monitors, First Come First Serve

The BP monitors are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to refer your patients before they run out!

Contact Alyson to get started.

New Medicare FFS Billing Codes for 2020

New CPT codes and rules were finalized for Medicare FFS 2020 billing and include new codes for SMBP. Stay tuned for more details and the next webinar registration.

  • 99473 – Self-measured blood pressure using a device validated for clinical accuracy; patient education/training and device calibration.
  • 99474 – Self-measured blood pressure using a device validated for clinical accuracy; separate self-measurements of two readings one minute apart, twice daily over a 30-day period (minimum of 12 readings), collection of data reported by the patient and/or caregiver to the physician or other qualified health care professional, with report of average systolic and diastolic pressures and subsequent communication of a treatment plan to the patient.

We Heard You – New Portal Features

We heard your concerns about the frequency of alerts occurring within minutes of each other on the same patient. Our programmer, Bryan, has built a program to consolidate alerts that occur within a 10-minute window per patient.

If there are two or more high readings within a 10-minute period on the same patient, you will receive a single alert. We hope this makes your experience more valuable.

SMBP Webinar presented by AMA

Did you miss our latest webinar? Access the webinar recording and download the slides here.

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Brenda Jenkins, RN, D.Ay., CDOE, CPEHR, PCMH CCE
Program Lead
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Bryan Los
Technical Support
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Nelia Odom, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, WCC
Self-Measured Blood Pressure Educator
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Cynthia Stephanopoulos, RN, RAC-CT
Self-Measured Blood Pressure Educator
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Alyson Schena, BS
Program Support
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