Need help training & retaining staff in your nursing home? Our New Project ECHO® can help.

Recruiting and retaining staff in long-term care is an ongoing issue – which is why Healthcentric Advisors is launching a tele-mentoring series to help facilities tackle staffing needs.

The new series, called Project ECHO®: How to Operate with Meaningful Engagement for Staff Stability (HOMESS), allows facilities to gain insights from experts, review success stories and challenges that facilities are facing, participate in discussions, and learn from each other.

This practical video conference series is free and aimed at skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, and long term care facilities across New England.

Questions? Contact Alyson Schena: 401-528-3247

Complete this program to:
• Recognize the five management practices associated with retention, attendance, and performance
• Summarize key actions within each of the five practices
• Consider which practices to put into action within the four-week session

2:00-3:00 pm + 6 sessions + Wednesday: June 5 (orientation), June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24, & August 7

• High performance, high commitment HR policies
• High quality leadership at all levels of the organization
• Valuing staff day-to-day in policy and practice, word and deed
• Work systems aligned with and serving organizational goals
• Sufficiency of staff and resources to care humanely

Limited to 30 organizations, care teams & organizations must:
• Be a New England skilled nursing, nursing home, or long-term care organization
• Have access to required technology: Wi-Fi, computer, phone, and web-camera
• Commit to actively participate in 4 out of the 6 sessions

Project ECHO Model™ utilizes a “hub and spoke” structure to expand the role of specialty care.

“Hub” teams are providers with specialist knowledge within the chosen subject. “Spoke” sites connect to a corresponding hub to strengthen expertise.

Sessions consist of brief didactic led by our specialist team while cases are presented by participating facilities.

Check out our first Project ECHO®: Reducing Opioid use through Pain-Management Education (ROPE) to learn how Healthcentric Advisors is applying this model to other topics.



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