Community-based Care and Social Determinants of Health

Healthcentric Advisors understands the importance of addressing social determinants of health so you can meet your patients’ needs.

Integrating a patient’s socioeconomic status, cultural, religious, and support needs across the care continuum is vital for high quality health care delivery.


We work with community-based clinicians and organizations to:

  • Reduce health care disparities and conduct annual medical chart reviews for selected patients
  • Improve care transitions for individuals with behavioral health diagnoses
  • Integrate behavioral health into primary care
  • Encourage patient activation and create realistic strategies according to patient’s comfort-level
  • Tailor evidence-based guidelines in chronic and preventive care
  • Implement staff training on treatment of individuals with behavioral health diagnoses and connect with available resources
  • Raise community awareness about substance use disorder and behavioral health conditions to reduce stigma