Care Coordination and Integration

Healthcentric Advisors develops sustainable community coalitions and partnerships focused on information transfer, care transitions, shared workflows, and performance metrics.

Gaps in patient activation and communication can be used to help develop consistent, statewide standards. These standards achieve a sustainable system of change, leading to improved patient safety.


We facilitate discussions, collaboration, and technical assistance (TA) in three key areas:

  1. Information transfer
  2. Continuity of care
  3. System resources

Our TA enhances communication between all levels and settings of care to support you in:

  • Developing and implementing performance metrics and teambased care approaches
  • Monitoring and reporting improvement plans (e.g., how to use data for quality improvement)
  • Patient, family, and caregiver engagement
  • Integrating social determinants of health screening tools
  • Access to community resources to address patient needs
  • Patient assessments and chronic disease management programs