Our Associates

Success stems from Healthcentric Advisorsā€™ experienced staff, visionary leadership and the ability to collaborate with clients, partners and stakeholders, while remaining person-centered. Our team uses innovative and practical solutions to assist our clients, stakeholders and partners achieve their goals of improving the quality, safety and value of healthcare delivery.

Our team consists of dedicated and engaged associates and consultants with expertise and extensive backgrounds in medicine, nursing, public health, analytics, education, acute and long-term healthcare leadership, practice transformation and complex project management.

Our Expertise:

  • Multi-Stakeholder Coalition Development and Facilitation
  • Data Analytics
  • Curriculum, Education and Training Development
  • Healthcare Delivery and Medical Practice Transformation
  • Health Services Research
  • Measures Development and Harmonization
  • On-Site Technical Assistance
  • Performance Measurement and Outcomes Reporting
  • Project and Program Management

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Associate Contact List






H. John Keimig, MHA, FACHE President & Chief Executive Officer 401-528-3238 Email John Keimig
Gail Patry, MS, RN, CPEHR Chief Program Officer 401-528-3256 Email Gail Patry
Susan Amelotte Chief Financial Officer 401-528-3229 Email Susan Amelotte
Debbie Anderson Executive Assistant 401-528-3263 Email Debbie Anderson
Sergio Alves Accountant, Grants and Contracts 401-528-3222 Email Sergio Alves
Alexandra Bronk, MA, BS, AS Senior Communications Coordinator 401-528-3273 Email Alexandra Bronk
Kara H. Butler, MBA, MHSA Director, Administrative Services & CHRO 401-528-3221 Email Kara Butler
Valerie Carroll HR Generalist 401-528-3231 Email Valerie Carroll
Jacqueline Haskell, MS Health Information Analyst 401-528-3252 Email Jacqueline Haskell
Jordan Hamilton Programmer 401-528-3287 Email Jordan Hamilton
Bryan Los Programmer 401-528-3258 Email Bryan Los
Melissa Miranda, MBA, BA Senior Program Administrator, Project Management 401-528-3260 Email Melissa Miranda
Blake Morphis Director, Analytic Services 401-528-3215 Email Blake Morphis
Carol L. Rochon Manager, Information Systems & Support Services 401-528-3200 Email Carol L. Rochon
Susan Rohwer, MA Senior Communications Coordinator 401-528-3248 Email Susan Rohwer


Danielle Hersey, RN, BSN Maine Program Director 207-406-3960 Email Danielle Hersey
Ashley Cleary Program Assistant 207-406-3971 Email Ashley Cleary
Michael Pancook, MPA, BA Program Coordinator 207-406-3977 Email Michael Pancook
Susan Whittaker, CPC, CPMA Senior Program Coordinator 207-406-3970 Email Susan Whittaker


Lynne Chase Massachusetts Program Director 877-904-0057 ext. 3253 Email Lynne Chase
Joshua Clodius, LNHA, QCP Program Coordinator 877-904-0057 ext. 3302 Email Joshua Clodius
Kate Crump Program Assistant 877-904-0057 ext. 3301 Email Kate Crump
Karen J. Evans, RN, BSN, CLNC, CPHQ, PCMH CCE Senior Program Administrator 877-904-0057 ext. 3213 Email Karen Evans
Dawn Hobill, MHA, PMP Senior Program Administrator 877-904-0057 ext. 3314 Email Dawn Hobill
Colleen Kordana, MHA, BA Program Coordinator 877-904-0057 ext. 3312 Email Colleen Kordana

Rhode Island

Kathleen Calandra, BSN, RN, CPHQ Rhode Island Program Director 401-528-3204 Email Kathleen Calandra
Lauren Capizzo, MBA, CPEHR, PCMH CCE Physician Service Line Director 401-528-3239 Email Lauren Capizzo
Chris Campanile, MD Clinical Coordinator 401-528-3254 Email Chris Campanile
Emily Cooper, MPH Program Administrator 401-528-3233 Email Emily Cooper
Vicki Crowningshield, MPH, PCMH CCE Senior Program Coordinator 401-528-3292 Email Vicki Crowningshield
Karen D'Antonio, BS, RN, CDOE Program Administrator 401-528-3245 Email Karen D'Antonio
Rebekah Ferguson, MA, BA Learning Services Coordinator 401-528-3265 Email Rebekah Ferguson
Rebekah Gardner, MD Senior Medical Scientist 401-528-3230 Email Rebekah Gardner
Lara Hollands, BS Senior Program Coordinator 401-528-3208 Email Lara Hollands
Chris Tribble-Hopwood, MS, WELPS, PCMH CCE Senior Program Administrator 401-528-3202 Email Chris Hopwood
Brenda Jenkins, RN, D.Ay., CDOE, CPEHR, PCMH CCE Senior Program Administrator/HIT Consultant 401-528-3246 Email Brenda Jenkins
Joyce Laforge Program Assistant 401-528-3268 Email Joyce Laforge
Maureen Marsella, RN, BS, CCM Program Administrator 401-528-3223 Email Maureen Marsella
Marguerite McLaughlin, MA Senior Program Administrator 401-528-3240 Email Marguerite McLaughlin
Robert Mencunas Senior Program Coordinator 401-528-3283 Email Robert Mencunas
Nelia Silva Odom, RN, BSN, MBA, MHA, WCC Program Administrator 401-528-3212 Email Nelia Silva Odom
Cynthia Stephanopoulos, RN Senior Program Coordinator 401-528-3205 Email Cynthia Stephanopoulos